“The lockdown period brought me closer to the feeling we have about art when we’re children, when we have no awareness of an outside art world or any art history and interiority becomes exterior; inner experience is drawn out through a curiosity about seeing what happens when you fiddle with materials.” - Laura Bygrave 

Laura Bygrave graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Painting in 2010. Recent exhibitions include CCCC: St Peter Hungate, selected by Outpost Gallery, Norwich, 2019; Ecstasy in Norwich, Lower Green, Norwich, 2018; Sightings, Caraboo Projects, Bristol, 2018; Hands to Mouth, Fold Gallery, London, 2017; Modest Villa Immense Versailles, Kinman Gallery, London, 2016; and A Bestiary, Turf Projects, London, 2015.
She undertook a residency at Kyoto City University in 2009.